Kids' Testimonials

''Staff are there when you need them.''
Nick T., age 15

''I really appreciate how staff put a lot of effort into helping me and guiding me through the tough and the bad times. Because of their support, I have been working to achieve my goals. Without their support, I would not be doing as well as I am. I want to thank the staff for everything they have done for me.''
Brenda N., age 16

"Staff protect us and take care of us."
Jared W., age 14

"St. Ann’s has helped me get along better with my family. I have learned to take responsibility for my actions. We go on some fun activities."
Jeanne M., age 14

"Staff help us reach our goals so we can move on."
Graham H., age 15

"The staff at St. Ann’s and the therapists have helped me and now I’m a better person."
Ashley M., age 14

"The food is G-R-E-A-T and the house we live in is awesome!"
Anthony D., age 14

"They give us a good education."
Brandon B., age 14

"I have learned how to work to control my anger and how to talk to staff when I am upset or frustrated instead of just getting angry."
Josie M., age 15

"What I have learned at St. Ann’s is a lot of math. Also I love gym. My favorite is going with my therapist. That’s the things that I like about this school."
Michael A., Age 12

"I like a lot of things about St. Ann’s. I like the point store because of the cool toys. I learned how to control my anger. I am also getting caught up with my school work."
Malcolm, Age 13

"This is what I have learned; I have learned how to do division so that it is not hard anymore."
Robert, Age 13

"What I like about St. Ann’s school is that I have caring teachers. We have all these activities that we do. The stuff I like to do is math, science and art. Our art teacher is a good art teacher."
Michael G., Age 13

"Here is what I have learned; 1) how to control my anger and stay in a better mood. 2) Don’t judge a book by its cover. St. Ann’s is a good place. I am thankful and I appreciate that I have a place to live and food to eat. I love all my classes especially music and library."
Amanda M., Age 12

"It has been an honor to be here with all of the nurturing people. I’m grateful for the teachers who teach me new things each day."
Tony, Age 12

"I think St. Ann’s is a great place to take care of your issues. I appreciate all the help the staff have given me. They have taught me honesty and self confidence. I think in their hearts they enjoy working with us more because it gives them satisfaction knowing that they can help and that they are making a difference one kid at a time."
Bradley, Age 13

"I have only been here for 5 days but yet I already like it here. The class has about ten kids so it’s never, well almost never, loud (NO HEADACHES). The teachers help you through the rough times. You also learn fair discipline."
Mathew, Age 12