Parent Testimonials

"Prior to St. Ann’s my son was out of control. He was extremely aggressive and destructive, which created a lot of stress at home.
Since his placement at St. Ann’s, my son has learned how to manage the consequences of his actions. The incidents of aggression have decreased greatly, family interaction is better and there is less stress at home.
We are still learning how best to help him, my son still has work he needs to do, but with the support provided by St. Ann’s, I am more optimistic about my child’s future.
St. Ann’s has made a big difference in our lives."

"Compared to the beginning of his entry to St. Ann’s our son achieved greater confidence, stability and improved social skills. He is now ready to take on greater challenges, we are glad he stayed the course. Thank you."

 "St. Ann’s Home has saved my child. He has learned how to cope because of the dedication of the staff. There are no words to describe my thanks for enabling my son to grow to be a wonderful productive person. Thank you everyone."
Sheryl K., Parent 

 "This has been a great place for our daughter. She has blossomed and grown so much this year! It has been her best year ever! The staff, teachers and therapists have shown such care for her and have given our daughter skills that will last a lifetime. Thank you!"
 "St. Ann’s has had a positive impact on my son’s life and a very positive effect on our family life. The structure, support (for both parent & child), and consistency has enabled my son to succeed and have confidence in himself. God bless the staff at St. Ann’s, their knowledge, patience and expertise in addressing my son’s issues and our family dynamics have benefited our overall quality of life."
Ruth M., Parent
"St. Ann’s is a wonderful school. My daughters have always gotten the attention that they needed, from emotional help to firm-but kind-behavioral aid. Both girls have come a long way in 2 years. Thanks"
Susan N., Parent
"My granddaughter was diagnosed with Bi-Polar rapid cycle; and has been in special education programs since she began school. Even as young as age 5-6 she would have violent outbursts that required restraints by our local police department and she also had repeat hospitalizations.

 It was a very difficult decision to make but we finally decided that we could not give our granddaughter the structure she required. We visited residential programs in three states. When we visited St. Ann’s we were immediately struck by the level of care we saw in the dedicated staff, we felt they held genuine concern for our granddaughter. St. Ann’s listened to our ideas, concerns and goals for our granddaughter.

St. Ann’s provided the structure our granddaughter needed. It is a nurturing environment; every person who we encountered was professional and respectful.

The school component really impressed us. Our granddaughter had been in a mainstream school but in a special education class room where she was the only student for two years. She never had an opportunity to interact with her peers. At St. Ann’s she was in a class with other children her age and she was able to continue to work at grade level. During the time she was at St. Ann’s she was a straight A student, now in a mainstream school and class setting she continues to be a straight A student.

St. Ann’s gave our granddaughter the confidence to go to a mainstream school.

Our granddaughter still has an illness but through the help and support she received from St. Ann’s her cognitive ability has changed and she has learned to process her emotions without the reactive behaviors she once had."

Robert A., Grandparent/Guardian