How you can help

Our Mission

The mission of St. Ann’s Home and School is to provide comprehensive residential treatment and special education services to our community’s most troubled children. Working together with local agencies and volunteers, we provide the necessary support to help these children become happy, healthy, productive citizens. This is a big responsibility and we count on the community to help. There are numerous ways you can help, including:

St. Ann’s Annual Fund

Since its founding, St. Ann’s Home and School has relied on the generosity of countless individuals, corporations and foundations. You can make the difference in the life of a child by making a contribution to our annual fund. Your gift will allow St. Ann’s to continue to provide the care and nurturing our children so desperately need. We welcome donations of stock as well as cash.

Other Ways to Give

 Memorial/Honor Gifts
Gifts in memory or in honor of a loved one or friend are wonderful ways to pay tribute to the special people in your life. When you make a gift in memory or in honor of an individual, we will send an acknowledgment to the family or person you designate.

Pledges are payable over three years, and in some cases longer. Pledges enable the donor to contribute a larger gift than would be possible to make in any one tax year.
Matching Gifts
Many companies have a matching gift policy that may double (or more than double) a contribution to St. Ann’s Home and School made by an employee. Usually the personnel office can provide the necessary information and matching gift forms.
Appreciated securities can provide an attractive means of giving. Through this type of gift, one can receive the charitable income deduction and avoid paying a tax on a "capital gain" that would be due if the stocks were sold.
Life Insurance
Ann’s Home, Inc. may be named as the beneficiary or ownership of the policy may be transferred to St. Ann’s Home, Inc.
Life Income Gifts
There are ways that one can make a gift to St. Ann’s Home and School and receive income for life in return. Through one of the number of planned gift options, the donor can place cash, securities or other assets in trust, for example, and continue to receive income from the trust. Upon the donor’s death or that of the beneficiary, or at some pre-determined time, the trust terminates and the funds are transferred to St. Ann’s Home, Inc. These life-income gifts can provide income, capital gain and/or estate tax benefits.
St. Ann’s receives a gift provided for in a donor’s will. The gift may be a percentage of the donor’s estate, a specific dollar amount, the residual of an estate, or a certain piece of personal property. The gift to St. Ann’s reduces estate tax obligations.
Real Estate and Tangible Property
A person may donate real estate, artwork, a coin collection, jewelry or other tangible personal property and receive tax benefits. It may be something that St. Ann’s can use or something that can be liquidated to provide funds for other purposes.
Major Gifts
For the first time in the history of St. Ann’s Home and School, we are embarking upon a building campaign that will help us update, expand and modernize our 80-year-old facility.
To learn more about St. Ann’s Home and School, come visit us! We can arrange tours of our facilities and meetings with various staff members.
For more information on how to make a meaningful and lasting gift to St. Ann’s Home and School, please contact John Rice, Director of Development, 978-682-5276.
St. Ann’s Home, Inc., is a 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All checks should be made payable to St. Ann’s Home, Inc. and sent to 100A Haverhill Street, Methuen, MA 01844.