The Intensive Family Intervention Program

The outpatient department at St. Ann’s Home has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) to provide high quality, in-home psychotherapy and case management services to DCF involved families. In an effort to help families to remain together while continuing to meet the basic material and emotional needs of all of its members, St. Ann’s operates the Intensive Family Intervention Program (IFI). IFI is a “wraparound” program that works closely with client families, DCF, and Family Networks agencies to help maintain children in the least restrictive setting possible. The IFI program provides individual, couples, and family therapy in the comfort and privacy of the client’s own homes. All IFI services also include a range of case management activities that help to facilitate the achievement of a family’s clinical goals within the fastest possible timeframes. In addition to therapy and case management services, IFI clients have available to them the services of a “parent partner.” The parent partner is instrumental in facilitating that direct client input. All clinical intervention is rooted in a systemic, family treatment perspective and is based on goals that are determined in close collaboration with the DCF and the staff of the Family Networks agencies. IFI offers two levels of programming based on the desired intensity of services.

Heather O'Neil, LMHC
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