Leadership Program

"The Leadership Program is a good experience and makes me think twice about my own behavior because I'm a role model."  - Mike C., Peer Leader

The Peer Leadership Program presents older residents the opportunity to mentor younger peers in the agency. Older residents, who are called “peer leaders,” have the opportunity to provide guidance, support, and role modeling for children who may not otherwise have a visiting resource. Peer leaders meet with staff members twice a month to organize, plan, and participate in special activities designed for their assigned “little buddies.” This mentoring program has significantly contributed to the social and emotional well-being of all children involved, and the skills acquired by peer leaders transcend into adulthood.

Peer Leaders Have the Opportunity to Develop:
♦  Teamwork
♦  Organizational skills
♦  Conflict resolution skills
♦  Decision making skills
♦  Communication skills
♦  Improved self-esteem
♦  Self-confidence as a role model
♦  Coping strategies
♦  Interpersonal skills
♦  Problem solving skills