Project Adventure

St. Ann ’s Home has implemented Project Adventure components in conjunction with the broad range of clinical services already provided to children in St. Ann’s residential treatment programs.

Project Adventure takes an active and experiential approach to group therapy and education to promote positive change. Adventure-based activities promote a safe and supportive learning tool for children who have suffered significant trauma and recurrent failures. St. Ann’s has incorporated this programming and counseling into its behavior management practices, with the goal of improving behavioral and academic functioning and ultimately, accelerating the stabilization process for the high-risk children we serve.

St. Ann’s has consulted with the international organization, Project Adventure, Inc., to develop the installation of low, mid, and high elements to be utilized including the installation of a rock wall and implementation of low element activities, both inside and outdoors. Activities incorporate expanded elements, enabling youth to work on issues of personal and group responsibility, relationship building, communication and collaboration, and developing respect for self and others.