Residential Programs

Residential/Education Program

Residential Programs offer treatment services for children and adolescents with special behavioral and emotional needs.

The children and adolescents at St. Ann's Home and School participate in a total therapeutic environment, receive psychotherapy, participate in structured recreational and social activities, and receive a highly individualized special education program.

The children become members of a therapeutic group of approximately 15 children. 126-pic5.gifThere are 5 such units in the main building and one unit in the Adolescent Center. The average child to staff ratio is 4 to 1. The children and staff in each of these groups function as an autonomous living group and are physically set off from the other unit groups. Trained child care counselors staff the units.

St. Ann's also operate two small group homes that provide adolescents with a warm and familial environment, and special therapeutic, social and recreational activities to enable adolescents to have productive and satisfying lives. Our group homes help adolescents develop independence and learn to positively interact with others.

All those in the residential treatment program receive weekly individual psychotherapy. The child's family is also seen in regular counseling sessions. Trained and supervised therapists work intensively with each child and family. Our goals are to:

  • increase self-esteem
  • address individual emotional and behavioral problems
  • develop personal, social, behavioral and academic skills

Essential to any child's treatment plan is the involvement of the child's family. Parents not only participate in counselling services with the child's therapist, but are also encouraged to play a role in the residential program. Home visits are encouraged on holidays, weekends and during the summer.

When appropriate, a child who is ready to leave the residential program may transfer to St. Ann's Day School Program or Family Outpatient Program.

Behavioral Treatment Residence (BTR)

Some children need the structured therapeutic and residential support that we offer but are able to attend public school in their hometown. These children live at St. Ann’s and are transported daily to their community school. Given that we always seek to return children to a family setting and to the public school system, this program can serve as a steppingstone towards that goal or may be the level of service that best meets the needs of a particular child upon admission. As with the residential school, we work extensively with the family to facilitate the return home. When needed, we offer respite care and home-based services upon discharge from the BTR.

Residential Diagnostic Program

These children are admitted to slots within our regular residential units. Depending on the complexity of information requested, these children are admitted for 30 to 90 days. The longer period is needed if testing or medication trials are needed. These children do not attend school but do receive an hour and a half of tutoring daily.

Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT)

In certain cases, admission to our CBAT program will serve as an alternative to an acute care hospital admission. While the service is clinically intense, the length of stay is brief, typically 5 – 10 days. The service is intended to stabilize the child, and either return the child home or transition the child to a different level of care.